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I believe Shor is saying that socialization is one of the when teaching students.  He states that is super important for students to be able to socialize with other students and teachers. He opens up the reading with questions on what kind of system we have and what kind do we need? He adds a quote from Bettelheim, saying, “If I were a primary grade teacher, I would devote my time to problems of socialization. The most important thing children learn in not the three R’s. It’s socialization.”(Quoted in Merier 1990, 6). I think that socialization is a really important key in teaching young students. Every child will socialize different but if a student can’t socialize with their peers or teachers then it can harm their learning. Shor also goes on describing the many ways of Education. “On the one hand. Education is a socializing activity organized, funded, and regulated by authorities who set a curriculum managed (or changed) in the classroom by teachers. On the other hand, education is a social experience for tens or millions of students who come to class with their own dreams and agendas, sometimes cooperating with and sometimes resisting the intentions of the school and the teacher.” This totally relates back to what he is saying in the beginning of chapter 1, students need to be able to socialize mainly with their other peers.
Show also says that empowerment is critical for self and social change. When Shor talks about the empowerment in classrooms I immediately thought of the rules and codes of power.  When students are socializing with their teachers and peers every student should be taught all the different rules and codes of power.

Points to Share:
First I wanted to say that this story was very long, I found myself skimming towards the end. Besides that I would like to share the fact that I never really thought about socialization being taught to students. I thought it was just something that we picked up when we got to school. So my ultimate question is whether or not we focus enough on students socializing or if it’s more about the learning. Obviously learning is one of the main reasons why students have to go to school but should we be focusing a little more on ways to socialize? 

Ira Shor's opinion on what is a "good" pre-school!


  1. Hi Alicia, great post! I had a lot of similar ideas, so I used your blog for extended comments. Hope that's okay (:

  2. Hi Alicia I loved your blog! I agree with your comments at the end. I never really thought about socializing students until reading this text either. As a future teacher, I definitely want to emphasize this because it is a very important aspect. If a teacher fails to properly expose her students to this they will not be able to be as successful as those students who have obtained these skills.

  3. Hi Alicia,

    Your blog is well organized. In a way socialization is a skill students pick up at school--by observing. I think socializing can be defined in 2 ways: students speaking informally to each other and also by speaking to the teacher/communicating their ideas, which in turn is a way that they learn.
    Socialization is important because it is communication, which is a key to effective learning. It involves listening, speaking and writing; all the skills needed to follow classroom instructions and interpret lessons. :]

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  5. Hi Alicia, I really liked the video you posted, thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Alicia! Really loved you post! and I love the pictures and the video!! thought your points were great as well!!