Monday, April 8, 2013

Tracking By Jeannie Oakes

Tracking By Jeannie Oakes


“Most teachers realize that for students, feeling comfortable in class is more than just a nice addition to learning. They also know that when teachers and students trust one another, class time and energy are freed up for teaching and learning. On the other hand, without a positive classroom climate, students spend considerable energy interfering with the teacher's agenda, and teachers must spend more of their time and energy just trying to maintain control.”

I chose this quote because I feel like this subject if very tricky! Should classrooms be tracking? This brought me back to my service learning. I feel like it is so hard to not group children because they all learn on different levels and if we don’t pull the ones who need help, then they won’t get it. But at the same time it is kind of wrong to group the students because it can make them feel like they are not smart. Elementary students don’t get the whole concept so it is touch to figure out what works best…where as high schools are grouped by class- so everyone is usually on the same level.

“Students in low­ ability classes more often feel excluded from class activities and tend to find their classmates unfriendly. Their classes are more often interrupted by problems and arguing, while students in higher-ability classes seem to be much more involved into heir class work. When they're not being disruptive, students in low-ability classes are often apathetic. The reason for this may be that because they're more likely to fail, they risk more by trying.”
This quote also made me think of my service learning.. Could this be the reason why the kids act up? Has me thinking!!

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What Is everyone else’s opinion on tracking and grouping younger students?

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  1. Hi Alicia, loved your blog this week! Loved the video and the pictures that you shared! That last quote that you picked out is great and has me thinking too! I can see this in my service learning project.